Effective Gender Mainstreaming(EGM)

Opportunities for Women in Dohazari – Cox’s Bazar Rail Project (DCRP) :

1. Integrate elderly –women- children disabled-friendly features in the station designs:
o Separate toilets and ablution facilities for female passengers including Child Care facilities.
o Separate waiting rooms spaces for women and men
o Separate ticketing facilities for disabled in Cox’s Bazar stations
o Well-lit waiting rooms and spaces on platforms
o Disability-friendly access features
o Separate room for lactating mothers

Effective Gender Mainstreaming

2. Rail crossing safety awareness sessions:

o At least 10,000 residents [Target women 40%] from Upazilas along the alignment participated in rail crossing safety awareness sessions.
o 75% of students [Target schoolgirls: 50%] of at least 500 public or registered kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in Upazila along the alignment participated in rail and platform safety awareness sessions.

3. Preventive personal safety/anti-sexual harassment measure:
o At least 1 sign is posted in each train station to inform passengers where to get help or report an incident of personal safety/sexual harassment. The signs should be intelligible for an illiterate audience and clearly indicate zero tolerance for sexual harassment and violence

4. Conduct Public preventative STD and human trafficking awareness-raising sessions to communities and labourers:
o At least 500 community members [Target: 40% women] have participated in STD and human trafficking sessions during the first three years of construction activities.

5. Project affected women & men receive fair compensation and benefit from livelihood improvement training:
o All affected female-headed & male-headed households have bank accounts in their names
o All vulnerable affected households receive one time grant BDT 10, 000 in addition to other compensations.
o Participation of one of their family members in the livelihood restoration program.
o BDT 5,000 as special assistance to each woman headed/disable headed household.
o Female participant will receive a seed grant of BDT 25,000 and additional BDT 10,000 (i.e., total BDT 35,000) upon completion of livelihood improvement training programme while each male participant will receive a seed grant BDT 25,000.

6. Monitor the Employment of Women and those from surrounding communities in construction activities:
o Employment opportunities for local poor women who are interested in construction activities.
o Women Employment opportunities in administrative work of this Project.
o Provision Sex disaggregated monitoring system exists.

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