Project Description

The Project is the “SASEC Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Railway Project, Phase 1” which involves the construction of a new 103.50-kilometre dual gauge single line railway corridor from Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar via Ramu. This railway corridor is part of the Trans-Asia Railway network which will enable sub-regional traffic from Dhaka and Chittagong towards Cox’s Bazar from where the border with Myanmar can be reached by road. It will also provide future direct connectivity towards northeastern India to Bhutan and Nepal through the Indian railway network.



The Works under the Project will generally consist of construction of railway embankment, single and multi-span bridges, cast-in-place reinforced cement concrete (RCC) box culverts, supply and installation of signalling and telecommunication systems, construction of station buildings and facilities including the design and construction of Cox’s Bazar Intermodal Terminal, supply and installation of a single line Dual Gauge (DG) railway and related track structures and all other incidental works including temporary works and traffic diversions.


The main project components and civil works of DCRP are as follows :
 Construction of 103.50 route Km Single Line Dual Gauge New Line.
 Construction of railway embankment of 10.02 million cubic metres including subgrade, sand blanket and backfilling.
 Construction of 6 special bridges, 32 other major girder bridges and 223 culverts.
 Elephant Crossing Facilities ( Over-pass + Under-pass ).
 Ramu Freight facility and Cantonment Diversion.
 9 Station Yards: 9 Station Buildings with Residences and Dormitory facilities including Iconic station building in Cox’s Bazar.
 Acquisition of Land (1400 acres approx.) for the Project.
 Resettlement of affected persons following ADB Safeguard Guidelines.
 Environmental Mitigation.
 Supply and installation of Computer-Based Interlocking (CBI) signalling system at 9 stations and
 Ancillary works like Level crossings, Utility relocations, Approach roads, Platform sheds, Foot over-bridges.

Flow Chart Of Project Implementation Arrangement

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