Health And Safety Guidelines

HSE activities should be an integral part of any project. At DCRP it is imperative that we protect the well-being of people associated with our project, whether on-site or in the office. Embedding health and safety compliance into everyday consciousness reduces risks and improves business performance. Based on this, DCRP has follow the below initiatives to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment.

Safety first, always

Safety is a continually ongoing process and at DCRP it is prioritized ‘First always.’ Since early 2018, from its inception, DCRP has shown the utmost importance to the safety of working procedures. Project CSC team also worked closely in the building of contractor’s safety unit to initiate and rectify regular and systematic observation of health and safety inspections.

Induction and Training Program

DCRP has arranged basic health and safety training for all workers, training on defensive driving, training on working at height, training on hot works and training for the local community on the work hazards and toolbox meeting / pre-task briefing (prior to the work commencement) under the supervision of the engineer over the reporting period. Work/task specific PPE is provided to the workers and described their using technique at pre-task briefing.

Hazards Identification & Risk Assessment

DCRP has submitted a Risk Assessment Report which includes a work method statement and is submitted to the engineer prior to the commencement of each major project construction work like pilot or working pile construction for bridges. Based on the identified hazards, the contractor has mentioned risk control measures & delineated the level of risk and they have proceeded with the construction accordingly.

Safety Checklist and Forms

A range of plants and equipment (such as scaffolds, cranes, electrical equipment, excavator and fire extinguisher) have been inspected regularly by a competent person of contractor to ensure safety. Records of some inspections are made and kept by the contractor. When defects are identified over the reporting period by the inspection or reported by people using the equipment, either the defects, have been remedied immediately, or work has stopped until necessary repairs are completed. The contractor also has maintained Fire Extinguisher Inspection on a monthly basis as per the engineers’ requirement.


Implementing best and safe Crane Lifting Operation

Site Safety visits

Periodically safety site visits/Random Safety Visit and Site safety surveillance audits are being conducted by DCRP safety Dept. concerning the ongoing formation of Track, Bridges, Structures and specifically construction of High-rise Iconic station building. DCRP has raised site observation and noncompliance safety reports periodically and provides advice, assistance and instruction during site visits to the contractor to maintain the site safety standard as per International Standard OSHAS 18001 .

Site Safety Visit

Level crossings

DCRP advised contractors that wherever the public/nearby habitants/vehicle traffic is crossing the formation bed, appropriate safety measures steps, including speed breakers on each side of level crossings in appropriate distance and height according to “BR permanent way safety manual” should be provided, reducing the number of illegal level crossings. Level crossing signs and blinking lights on both sides of level crossings should be implemented and safety measures should be taken to avoid potential obstacles/infringement during track construction work.

Level Crossing

Labour welfare Facilities for Site Workers

DCRP has drawn to the contractor’s attention about unsafe welfare facilities for site workers, specifically their accommodation amenities. Conditions such as improper toilets, improper cooking facilities, fire hazards, insufficient illumination, improper ventilation and social distancing in COVID-19 are taken care of by DCRP. First Aid provision is also provided at the site.

Open Excavation Safety

DCRP advised as well as issued safety observations to contractors regarding the implementation of the Project SMS, all open excavation pit/Foundation/Pile auguring/ trenches should be barricaded along with appropriate safety signs, end of the shift, all unsafe areas must be barricaded with proper physical barriers or temporary warning tape to mitigate for safety for public/domestic animals.

Warning Sign

A safe work environment is a feature of good companies throughout the world, so it’s important to provide and implement health & safety provisions for the project employee’s here in Bangladesh with the same assurance.

HSE Activities

Health & Safety Measures

HSE Activities
1.3 HIV Training
1.4 First Aid Trainning

Construction Mitigative Measures

3.4 Steel girder erection
Iconic Building 1
3.1 Bridge construction

Occupational Health and Safety

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