HIV / AIDS Prevention Program

HIV/AIDS prevention program has been developed to provide opportunity to construction workers, local community and key community leaders to participate in increasing level of understanding on HIV/AIDS, STDs, Human Trafficking and Gender toward reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence and STIs and preventing human trafficking prevalence in accordance with national strategy. The main objective of the program is to provide information dissemination on HIV/AIDS and Human Trafficking through conducting awareness session and campaign to the contractor’s field staffs, construction workers, local community.

So, to prevent HIV spreading, building awareness is the key issue in this project instead of medication and treatment facilities. In this regard arranging the training programs for the workers is the prime objective for DCRP (Dohazari-Cox’s Bazar Railway Project). This program should take place during the first three years of construction activities.

  • Two Service Providers (NGOs) Eventful Bangladesh Society-EBS and Rural Development Council-RDC have recruited by BR through the contractors to conduct HIV/AIDS and human trafficking prevention awareness program to the construction workers and communities along the corridor. Moreover, the contractor will require to conduct HIV/AIDS prevention awareness session to its entire labor.
HIV/AIDS Prevention

HIV / AIDS Leaflet

Leaflet Distribution

HIV / AIDS Awareness Raising Sessions

Service providing NGOs (RDC for CT-JV & EBS for CM-JV) have conducted numerous HIV/AIDs awareness program, Advocacy workshop, Voluntary counseling & testing (VCT), Peer educator program at different construction sites and distributed condoms among workers.

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