LOT-1 : CT Joint Venture (China Railway Group Limited & Toma Construction & Co. Ltd.)

China Railway Group Limited

China Railway Group Limited is known as CREC whose parent company China Railway Engineering Corporation is a Chinese Construction Company. CREC holds a large share of the Chinese construction market and participates in many large-scale infrastructure projects overseas (especially in countries in Southeast Asia and Africa). In addition to the core business of construction, the company does business in surveying and designing, installation, manufacturing. R&D, technical consulting, capital management as well as international economic and trade activities.

CREC has long enjoyed a good reputation in the global market. At present, it has representative offices and carries out projects in more than 90 countries and regions worldwide.

Address: China Railway Plaza, No.69 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China
Post Code: 100039 | E-mail: crecwebmaster@163.com
Website: http://www.crecg.com/english/1990/index.html

Toma Construction & Co. Ltd

Toma Construction & Co. Ltd. (TCCL) is one of the leading and reputed construction conglomerates in Bangladesh; also a member of Toma Group. The Company has 25 years of experience and developed into a professional construction team specializing in Bridges, Flyovers, Foundations, heavy civil construction, Jetty, Roads, Railway Tracks, Food grain Silos and other related infrastructures. Since its inception, the company has completed a good number of remarkable projects of various authorities in Bangladesh. TCCL’s philosophy focuses on delivering a safe, quality project in the most productive and efficient manner. The company operates in more than 30 locations across the country. It has around 6,000 employees and an annual turnover of BDT more than 1000 crore.

Mission : Serving the clients with commitments, ensuring safety and value-added products and having “leadership with excellence” by upholding and maintaining a reputation for quality, integrity and honesty to the full satisfaction of our valued customers.

Vision : Toma is committed to being a Construction Conglomerate that is known externally for quality, integrity and commitment with resources and internally for profitability and employee satisfaction.

Values : Our handpicked teams of experienced and qualified Architects, Engineers and Professionals from different arenas have been our pride and means for success. Our enriched Human Resources are well sound and seasoned with periodic Training Programs, which are the main streams of our success story. They are all standing by for catering and Construction Challenges we can have for your business and ventures.

Website: http://www.tomagroup.com.bd/about
Contact Details : 77/1 KAKRAIL, RAMNA, VIP ROAD, DHAKA-1000
TEL: +88 (02) 9339477 / 9339045
FAX: +88 (02) 9339416

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