Recent Floods Damaged DCRP Project Track

Recent floods damaged the newly built Cox`s Bazar railway in some portions  @ Rising BD.COM on 12 August.

Recent flooding has damaged around a 1.5-kilometre section of the newly built railway linking Cox’s Bazar to Chattogram.

The rail line has been bent in some areas and it will take at least one month to repair the line, railway sources said.

Cox’s Bazar rail line project director Mofizur Rahman said a terrible flood took place in Satkania this year. About three kilometers of railway track in Satkaniya went underwater due to the flood. In some areas, the line was bent partially and in other areas, the stones were removed. The repair work on the affected zones can be done within a month.

However, there will be no disruption in the time-frame to start of railway communication from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar due to the damage and repair tasks, he added.

The construction of the over 100 km railway from Chattogram’s Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar will cost Bangladesh Tk 18,000 crore. Already 90 percent task of the project has been completed.

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