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The country’s first iconic railway station is visible @ The Daily Ittefaq on 31 July, 2023

Cox’s Bazar is now a tourist city waiting for the beginning of a new era. The country’s first iconic railway station is being constructed on 29 acres of land in Hajipara area of Jhelongja Union, three kilometers east of the city. The size of the station building is 1 lakh 82 thousand square feet. The work of the six-storey building is almost at the final stage. With its multi-dimensional scope along with its aesthetic design and construction style, this station can be the new entertainment destination for tourists. Although not oysters in the literal sense, the entire station has a marine atmosphere at first sight. There will be 17 commercial activities including market, locker, food corner, star hotel, mosque, child care center, ATM booth, post office, tourist information booth.

It is known from the on-site inspection and talking to the people related to the project, in the construction of this iconic station, facilities of various modern stations in the world including China, A total of 250 engineers and more than six hundred workers are working in the entire project, including 110 foreigners. Four years of labor, the iconic railway station building is visible today. Now various kinds of beautification works are going on including glass fittings, steel roof canopy. This station will be Asia’s first 100% tourist-friendly central air-conditioned six-storey station. With this, 46 thousand people can come and go in a day.

Along with the railway station, the construction of the railway is also going on in full swing. The first trial run of the train on the Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar railway is scheduled to take place at the end of next September. If everything goes well, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will officially inaugurate the country’s first iconic railway station and train movement in December. Through this, there will be a radical change in the tourism industry of Cox’s Bazar and the speed of the country’s economy will increase many times. There will be employment arrangements. While it takes about 11 and a half hours to reach Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka by road, it takes only six and a half to seven hours to reach there by train. The cost of transportation will also decrease. AC bus from Dhaka costs 2 to 3 thousand on an average. It will cost only a little more than 1000 taka to come to Cox’s Bazar by sitting in the AC chair of the train. Tourists can easily touch the sea water without suffering a long road journey. You have to climb the vast moving stairs and get down from the second floor to the train platform. And arriving passengers will exit from below. There will be shopping facilities inside the station. There will be a hall. Again, tourists can visit the whole city by leaving their bags in a specific locker. Besides, there are modern traffic facilities. The ground floor of the station has various facilities including ticket counter, reception center, lockers. Shopping mall and restaurant on the second floor. There will be a star quality hotel on three floors. Various facilities including lockers. Shopping mall and restaurant on the second floor. There will be a star quality hotel on three floors. Various facilities including lockers. Shopping mall and restaurant on the second floor. There will be a star quality hotel on three floors.Belgium, England, Italy have been taken into consideration.

No need to use additional lighting during the day in this railway station. As the upper roof is open, there will be sufficient lighting. Cox’s Bazar railway station is called green station because of its modern construction style. The shell and snail structure is outside, and the rest of the body is covered inside. Taking inspiration from there, the entire railway station is being covered with a canopy. Railway stations are not just for passengers. Here various uses are combined to make it socio-economically and culturally sustainable. Various facilities for tourists, restaurants, food courts, multipurpose halls, There will be a hotel. So it’s not just a railway station; It is a destination. This is an interesting socio-economic model. Glass is now being installed all around. No artificial light is needed here. Apart from this, the canopy covers the entire structure. As a result, the building will remain at a tolerable temperature at all times. This will reduce the cooling load. As a result the air conditioning load will also be reduced. This will save a lot of electricity from here.

Source : The Daily Ittefaq

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