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Train on Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar route in two months: Railway Minister

The minister said that the survey of Kalurghat rail bridge is over. The bridge will be built with Korean funding. It will take four to five years.

Although the train runs on Cox’s Bazar route from Dhaka, the direct train from Chittagong to the tourist city has not started yet.

Trains will be started on Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar route within the next two months, said Railway Minister Md. Zillul Hakim. He said, it will take four to five years to open the railway bridge over Kalurghat river.

He said this to the questions of journalists while visiting Chittagong on Wednesday.

On his first visit to the port city after becoming a minister, Zillur Hakeem addressed reporters after the annual railway sports competition at the polo ground.

After that, in the afternoon, he took part in an exchange of views with the senior railway officials at the railway bungalow of CRB.

When asked when the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar train will be launched, the minister said, “It will be launched within the next two months.”

A reporter asks, “Is that intercity or commuter train?”

In response, Additional Director General (Operation) of Railways Sardar Shahadat Ali said, “I have listed four. We will launch one in two months.

“The engine and driver problems are obvious. If we can arrange the engine, as many oil cars, as many food grains, as many containers from Chittagong, all are supporting from Chittagong.

“If it has to be started now, the container train should be stopped and the train should be started on the Cox’s Bazar route. Will launch very soon.”

Then the railway minister said, “We start anyway. We will start with whatever is available.”

Director General of Railways. Kamrul Ahsan said in another question, “Now we are running two pairs of inter-city trains (Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar route) in view of the demand.” Now running more trains is delaying the project.

“I will run the Chittagong commuter train from Cox’s Bazar within the next 2 months after the completion of the project. The train will stop at all the stations so that the poor people get the benefit of the railway. Moreover, we will also run non-stop trains from Chittagong.”

To another question about illegal occupation of railway land, the railway minister said, “Railway land is occupied whenever it gets a chance. We are trying to save the places. You will see many influential people occupied. Those who don’t need it, occupy it.

“I will tell them, people cannot be at ease by doing injustice. Apana gave up illegal possession. Otherwise, the railways will be forced to vacate the encroachment.”

Kalurghat bridge when

After an exchange with senior officials at CRB’s railway bungalow, the headquarters of the Eastern Railway, the minister again faced the media.

When asked when the railway bridge will be constructed at Kalurghat, he said, “Its survey is over. Kalurghat Bridge will be constructed with Korean funding. It will take time to build a bridge like Kalurghat. It will be operational in four-five years inshallah.”

Regarding the railway engine crisis, the minister said, “Many engines have been imported. Got them. More engines are being imported, coaches are also being imported. Railways will be further expanded. Rail will go to almost every district.”

The minister also said that railways are now suffering from lack of skilled workers. He said, “There was a time when everything was closed; With a golden handshake, then closing all lines. Eg: In our area Faridpur stopped the line, also started lifting the line. There was a loco shed in Rajbari, which was also closed.

“We are not getting those skilled people who went to Golden Handshake at that time. In spite of this, the Hon’ble Prime Minister has made many improvements in the railways. Expanded new lines.”

Stating that new people should be recruited and trained in the railways, the minister said, “I cannot run the engine with an inexperienced person. Guards are needed to operate trains. The other technical people needed are not there either.”

On the question of what initiatives are being taken to solve the manpower crisis, he said, “A few notifications have already been given. About 5 thousand new appointments have been made. Now in the training phase.”

News Source: Chittagong Bureau | bdnews24.com

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